Posted December 16, 2016 at 9:26 pm

EDIT: The position has been filled. Thank you so much to everyone who applied!

It's no secret that I've been struggling to maintain an update schedule that I consider frequent and reliable. For this reason, I've decided to try hiring a colourist for my webcomic, Goblins. I tried this years ago but the artist, through no fault of his own, had to back out before long.

Here's what you'd be required to do...

I'd send you the black and white pages and you'd be colouring them and adding lighting effects, shading, etc. Here are some examples of my colouring style and what would be required of you. Some of these visuals would be very common, while others are fairly rare. (click on the pic for a closer view).

Effects like these beams of light.

The way this hallway fades off into the darkness and the water visuals on the stairs.

Textures like this metal armour or the glass-like tip of his sword hilt.

Rock textures and metallic shine, etc.

Your job wouldn't be to mimic my style. I'd want you to bring your style and skills into it in a way that compliments the feel of the comic. However, I'm not looking for a drastic change in style with a vastly different look. I don't want Goblins to suddenly become a completely different comic, visually. There would be times when a page would require more time consuming visuals and believe me, I understand how that is. In those times, I'd be happy to take on a bit of the colouring workload or listen to your suggestions on how those visuals could maybe be handled in a better way.

Here's what I'm looking for in an artist...

Long Term

Having a new artist add their talents to the comic changes the look and feel. It requires the readers, for better or worse (hopefully better), to adjust to the change. It's kind of like seeing a different actor play a known character in a movie's sequel. So naturally, I'd rather not have this change occur a bunch of times as I hire different artists. I understand that life happens and unexpected changes will sometimes happen. But the artist should be coming in with every intent to stick around.


Whether it's professional experience or just a lot of creating on your own, I need someone who's created a lot of work and is very familiar with what they'd be doing. If you're still 'cutting your teeth' with this kind of medium, then you might not be what I'm looking for.

The Right Style

Your colouring style isn't going to perfectly match mine. However, it should compliment the feel of the comic. This can be because your style is very similar to mine or it can be because you're bringing something that, although very different than my style, just makes this particular comic look awesome.

Photoshop, Manga Studio, etc

Goblins is drawn in Photoshop on a drawing tablet, so I'd be sending you the black and white pages to be coloured on your computer and sent back to me. You'll need to be very familiar with using your computer as your medium.

Take Instruction But Not Need It

There are things in Goblins that absolutely need to be shown in a very specific way, so I'd need an artist who is okay with me being annoyingly specific at times. A magic sword might need to glow a very specific way or a scene might require a certain emotional feel with the lighting. Most of the time however, I'd want you to make it yours in your way. If I've hired you, it's because I like your style and I am confident that you know what you're doing. As an artist myself, I completely understand that the more creative freedom I take away from you, the harder it is for you to feel passionate about what you're creating. Faded passion means faded quality and a bored artist makes boring work. Which leads me to...

Passionate About This

You wouldn't have to have read the whole comic or be personally into the story, but you'd need to enjoy what you're working on, on some level. No matter how talented and experienced you are, I can't use an artist who's just looking for a paycheck. If you're not into fantasy styled comics/artwork, then that'll show in your work.

Communicate Well And Be An Awesome, Intelligent Person

I can't imagine this working with an artist who I can't get along with. We've all had to work with someone we didn't like and we know how that goes.

Be Able To Keep Up With The Schedule

I realize how hypocritical it is for me to add this point, since I've been defeated by deadlines more often than the Joker has been defeated by Batman. However, the whole point of this is to be able to have a dependable update schedule. I need to be able to create at least one page per week. I'd love to someday update even faster, but I don't know how realistic that is with this comic. You'd need to have the time to colour one page a week, dependably. Now here's where my message gets a little conflicting... I'm an artist and I know how deadlines can be missed. I know how there will be times when artwork is late. Especially when you are passionate about creating the best work that you can. In fact, I'm nervously hoping that I myself, am not ever late in handing you the black and white page that you need. So while I understand the artist/deadline relationship, I need this to work. So if you're an applicant sending me examples of your work, don't give me beautifully detailed digital paintings that took you six weeks to create. If you know that you can't create that kind of work on the required schedule, then you're not showing me what you'd be creating. Also, if your schedule is really busy, then this might not be best fit for you.

An Adult

Since I mentioned on Twitter, that I'd be placing this ad, a bunch of people have already contacted me about it and some of those people are a bit too young to hire. I've seen the art you sent and more than once, I was blown away. Please, please keep creating. You're awesome and I so need to see that kind of talent continue grow over time.

And now the final details, like...

How Much Does It Pay

The base pay is $125 per page (that's Canadian dollars, so I think that works out to around $100 American). I say "base pay" because there are a bunch of things that can/will alter that number. I just want you to have some idea of what you're looking at before you apply. That's with an intent to make 4 pages per month. I'd be super happy if we could get to 6 or even 7 pages per month, but that might not be possible.

How Do I Apply

Send me some of your work. 3 - 8 examples should be about right, but that's just a guideline. Or you can link me to a collection of your work on DeviantArt, etc. Send your email to along with a brief description of who you are and what kind of experience you have. I'll be emailing those artists that I think might be a good fit and giving more detailed information about payment, the contract you'd be signing, etc. I'll also be happy to answer any questions you might have for me. After that step, I'll make my decision. I'm not certain how long this process will take, so I can't really tell you when you can expect a response from me. Thank you SO much to those of you who are applying. I really appreciate the time you're taking to do this and while I'm sure I won't be able to respond to everyone, I will carefully look over the artwork you send/link. If you've already sent me your work, please resend it to the email shown here. You can also follow me on Twitter, if you're not already. That's a great way to shoot me a question or keep an eye on what's going on. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you. -Tarol
Posted October 8, 2016 at 5:48 pm

The folks over at Lost Goblin, have been working on a gorgeous game called Goblins of Elderstone.

As it's unfinished, I have yet to play it. But check out the Kickstarter! This thing looks awesome!

But it's missing something... I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like there should be something more. Hmmm...

Of course! It needs some Thuntonian Goblins! Well fear not! The folks over at Lost Goblin are already working to add Thaco, Big Ears, Fumbles and Complains of Names to the game! And if the game does really well, they'd love to add more characters, like Minmax, Kin, etc.

So I'm urging everyone to go look at their Kickstarter and give 'em some support. We Goblins gotta stick together, ya know? They're a bunch of really nice people who are bursting with talent and have massive amounts of passion for this project. If you have any questions for them over on the Kickstarter page, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to accommodate.

Now, I want to be very up front about my connection with this project. This is NOT my Kickstarter. This is Lost Goblin's baby and none of the Kickstarter money comes to me. By supporting this game, you're supporting something separate from me and my work. Also, this is not an ad, as I am not being paid to support Lost Goblin or their Kickstarter. However, adding my characters to the game is a business decision, which means that I could possibly profit (financial/exposure) down the line if the game is as successful as we all hope it is. We're still working out the details of the contract, so I can't yet say for certain how that will all work out. I just wanted to make sure everything is all out in the open. :)

Tarol's Twitter

Lost Goblin's Twitter

Mostly though, I just have an uncontrollable NEED to play this game! Hey, maybe they'll let me live stream it sometime!

SQUEEEEEEE! I mean... erm... manly noise of grizzled excitement.


Posted September 26, 2016 at 3:26 pm
Live Boop People have been telling me that they can never catch my live streams because of time zone differences. So I'm trying out a new schedule in which I broadcast twice, every Mon/Wed/Fri.
Posted September 8, 2016 at 3:41 am
So Danielle and I have to go away until Monday(ish), Sept 12(ish). I was determined to finish the page before we left, but today has been all about laying in bed moaning the moans of the ouched. I was and am still quite ill. Which will make this weekend interesting. Anyways, I REALLY don't want to have you folks wait until mid September for this page. So I'm doing something I don't really do and posting it without colour and even without a lot of the inking. This is a big page. I've been laying the groundwork for this very moment for over a decade. I hope you like it. Also, I won't be able to live stream on September 9th. As always, thanks for reading. -Tarol
Posted August 15, 2016 at 3:05 am
Here's the most recent stage of the live stream schedule... Mondays ('try not to die' day) - 2:00 PM PST EDIT: I won't be running any old D&D stuff today. I'll have to wait until next Monday to start that. Today's stream will just be drawing. I dug up boxes, binders and briefcases containing a lot of my homemade D&D adventures. Some of them dating back over 30 years. Periodically, I'll take a break from drawing, and run the chatroom through simplified bits of my old dungeon crawls. See if you can do better than the adventurers who went through them back in the 80s and 90s. Warning: Some of these adventures that I'll be using, are really bad. They date back to when I was 10 years old. Wednesdays (theme not yet established) - 2:00 PM PST Fridays ('free loot' day') - 2:00 PM PST Fridays are when I'll run the Giveaway Clock. When that thing counts down to zero, I'll randomly select someone in the chatroom and mail them a piece of Goblins merchandise. Thanks! -Tarol
Posted August 12, 2016 at 1:49 pm
I'll be going live at 2:00 PM PST today. Untitled-1 I'll be drawing and at various points throughout the stream, giving away some Goblins tshirts. So come and hang out with other awesome folks. This is a great place to ask me questions and share your opinions about the comic. Or you can just lurk silently and see if you win a tshirt. XD The streaming schedule is now... Mondays - (starting time not yet established) Wednesdays - (starting time not yet established) Fridays - 2:00 PM PST Thanks for being awesome! -Tarol
Posted August 9, 2016 at 1:02 am
Live Boop I haven't made the official announcement yet, but there will now be a regular schedule for my live drawing. The streaming days will be... Monday/Wednesday/Friday (I'll work out the best times for each stream asap) Tonight's stream is starting crazy late and this won't be the norm. Tonight I'm (finally) finishing the newest Goblins page. However, the visuals of this page are not very spoilery. It's the dialogue that'd be spoilery, and you won't see that on the stream. Warning: I have gotten a comically small amount of sleep in the last few days, and I know from experience, that I can seem a little... intoxicated if I'm sleep deprived enough. I've made a fool of myself before (more than usual even :P ) so to avoid this tonight, I'll be fairly toned down. I'm happy to answer questions, etc while I'm drawing. -Tarol
Posted July 8, 2016 at 6:15 pm
Two or three years ago, I ran a Kickstarter with a small gaming company called Evertide Games. Our goal was to raise $30,000 to create a Goblins card game called Goblins: Alternate Realities. We raised over $180,000 which the head of the company stole and disappeared with. Since then, I've been working two jobs. Drawing the comic and creating the card game. It's been rough and it feels surreal to say this, but I'm seriously almost done the card game. So I've been spending the last couple weeks burning through the last of the work on the game. I know this sucks for those of you wanting the comic to update, but just imagine... in (hopefully) another couple weeks, I'll be working ONE job for the first time in years! The comic can update faster! I can do crazy things like leave the house for non-essential reasons! So I've hired NaniRoxy (who happens to have his own webcomic called SwitchOut) to write and draw two guest pages for me. While these pages aren't canon, they're gorgeous and awesome. The second guest page should be appearing on or around July 14th. After that, I'll be back to work on the comic with the work on the card game (again, hopefully) behind me. As far as the release date for the game, that's still unknown. I've been in talks with people and I'm optimistically hoping to be able to provide a copy of the game to the backers who were promised one all those moons ago. I'm also hoping that the game will be available to purchase for everyone else. I've gotten my hands on the Kickstarter backer list (which was tough, since that legally belonged to Evertide as the KS was in their name) and if/when the time comes, I'll start the task of going through the thousands of names to make sure that the information is up to date and accurate. If you've moved, don't sweat it. We'll find each other. We'll make this happen and get you your game. For now, the focus is on finishing the artwork (which I'm proud to say, is hundreds of cards covered in original art), playtesting and design of the game. Later on, will come the 'hunt down every backer I owe a copy of the game to' phase. I want to stress that nothing is guaranteed at this point, but it's looking good. It's looking like this might actually happen. What amazes me so much, is the overwhelming support I've gotten from the Goblinites. When I held my breath and made the announcement that the money was stolen, I honestly thought that might be the end of my career. I expected a lot of hate and anger but instead, I got love and support. This is the reason why I've been working on this game like I have. The years of effort I've been putting into it is a direct reflection of your support, trust and patience. And now that I'm almost done this phase of the process, I'm genuinely proud of what this game has become. It's creativity and fun over profit and product. It's something I'm honestly excited about handing over to you. Thank you. -Tarol NaniRoxy's Twitter Tarol's Twitter
Posted June 21, 2016 at 1:34 am
Hey people in the Brooklyn area!
A friend of mine just recently opened up his restaurant, Propellerhead! Of course, not being in Brooklyn, I haven't eaten there yet. So I've written up a review of the food, based on how I'm sure my eventual visit will actually go.

Tarol's Review Of The Restaurant Propellerhead

Recently, I got a chance to visit Propellerhead in Brooklyn. I was particularly hungry when I walked into the restaurant, because I'd just finished doing some 'extreme rocket gliding'. It's a sport I invented by strapping several large rockets onto a hand glider.

Most people can't do it.

I can do it.

I'm really good at it.

Anyways, once inside, I ran into Stephen Hawking who thanked me for helping him with some physics problems that he was having trouble with.

It wasn't long before I was sitting at my table and ordering the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, but just as I was about to start eating, I got a phone call. When I looked to see who it was, I rolled my eyes in exasperation. It was Scarlett Johansson. Again. I keep telling her that I'm a married man and we can never be lovers, but the poor girl just can't help calling everyday and declaring her love for me.

I was about halfway through my lunch, when the restaurant was suddenly attacked by ninjas made of lasers and dragons. Everyone was terrified, but thankfully I'm an Epic Belt in Blur-Karate. It's like regular karate but faster.

Most people can't do it.

It can do it.

I'm really good at it.

Once I had beaten up the ninjas, I sat back down and finished my sandwich.

This has been Tarol's restaurant review.

(PS - Oh, and the sandwich was good.)

So if you're in the area and want to check it out, the address is...

752 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Here's the Propellerhead website, but as the business is brand new, it's still under construction at the time of writing this.

Here's their Twitter, where you can take a look at the menu. Over at Instagram, they're propellerhead_bk

Thanks. -Tarol

Posted April 17, 2016 at 6:33 am
I'm going to be off the internet grid for a bit. However, I have my brand new, portable drawing tablet and I'll be drawing while I'm gone, so hopefully I'll have postable stuffs once I return. Also, I'm going to have to turn off my Twitch bot while I'm gone. So DumbJarvis won't be running the chat mini-games until I get back. Apologies to my Twitch regulars. See you at the end of April! -Tarol
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