The Battle Spot & The Wedding

There is a battle coming up in Goblins. An important one. For years, my notes have described the scenery of this battle as follows…

“…in a clearing… [edit] …young trees, mostly pine and maple. Light, thorny¬†underbrush.”

That’s it. Boring. I really like introducing interesting landscapes for battles to take place in. An upside-down forest room, a stone bridge at a dungeon crawl entrance, a carefully balanced platform hanging from giant chains, in the cleavage of a 900 foot woman (okay, that one never happened). So when I stumbled upon an absolutely beautiful spot tucked deep in the woods near my house, I instantly knew that it would be the location of the battle. Now when I say “location of the battle”, I mean that I’ll be drawing it into the comic, not that it’ll actually be a real spot where fighting will… you know what, if you’re confused about that point, I’m just going to leave you to it.

Here’s¬†the video of Danielle and I (and our dog, Ember) walking to the battle spot. It’s mostly just us walking through the forest. Also, it’s really shaky camera work. However, it is a unique opportunity to see a real life version of a place where a webcomic battle will happen. To my knowledge, a comic book landscape has never been introduced this way before.

Also, Danielle made a webpage for our wedding. If you want to pop in and sign the guestbook, I know it’ll make her squee. Thanks so much to those of you who have already commented in it!

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Also, I’m drawing live on cam right now.

As always, thanks for reading.