Posted June 18, 2019 at 10:12 pm

I've tweeted about this but I know not all of my readers use Twitter, so I figured that I should post this here as well. I'm transgender. This is going to be very strange or uncomfortable to some of you and I totally understand and respect that.

My breakdown in 2014 was the result of me trying everything I could to ignore this side of me and just live with the dysphoria. Or at least find other ways of coping that didn't involve me acknowledging this aspect of myself. I've been to two gender specialists and I've been on hormone replacement therapy for a little over 2.5 months now. Things are going really well and even though I'm still at the beginning of my transition, I'm super happy about the results already.

I'm amazed at the way my depression and self hatred have just melted away. I feel confident, energetic, social and creative. I know that transitioning is going to bring me through new difficulties and present new problems, but I feel like whatever comes at me, can't be as bad as wasting away like I was before admitting this to myself and to those people in my life.

My pronouns are she/her and I'm in the process of changing my name to "Ellipsis Hana Stephens" (Ell or Elli for short). If you're communicating with me and you misgender me or use my old name, don't even worry about it. This is an adjustment for everyone, so I promise that I won't be offended or annoyed (unless you're doing it on purpose).

I know this is going to cost me some readers, but this is something I just have to do.

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Thank you so much!

- Ell