Posted July 21, 2020 at 9:50 pm
Hi! Danielle here.
I was writing an update for the Goblins: Animated project, and I thought I'd drop a note here too, in case you're interested.
The animation work on the trailer has moved from the first animation house to the second, where it's almost finished! We've just hired a composer, and we can smell post-production from here. We're getting somewhere! If you'd like more detail, you can do a deep dive through the updates, and if you missed supporting the project up front, there's a little bit of merch left (sizes limited).

Other stuff:
 New downloads: I'm working on the RPG module for The Well of Darkness dungeon (see it in-comic from here:, and right now you can download a 10-page preview for free!

 The Thuntonian Mini-Comics Collection is available as a Pay-What-You-Want title. All 4 canon mini-comics in the same place for the first time! Don't be shy about downloading it for free if you're low on pocket change. We get that things are rough right now. We're happy if you're reading it. :) 

 If you play tabletop RPGs and you have a small handful of dollars to spend, both The Shield of Wonder and Fumbles' Fumble Chart are digitally available on DriveThruRPG as well.

 Patrons can get early access to comic pages, hi-res downloads, and postcards in the real live mail.

 And, if you're lonely or bored or could use a virtual hug, come join us on the Goblins Discord.

Questions to goblinscomic at g mail dot com, if you have them.
Real world mail to PO Box 2036, Sechelt BC, Canada  V0N 3A0, if you have it.

Love you! Thanks for reading. :)