Awards For Goblins?

Back in July, I mentioned that Goblins was up for two awards (a Dragon Slayer Award and an Aurora Award). Well the voting period for those two bad boys is coming to an end, so I thought I’d let you know about ‘em one last time.

The Dragon Slayer Award
This one is super easy. Scroll down to the ‘Notable Gaming Comic‘ category and click on the little dot next to Goblins (of course, you can click on other comics. You don’t HAVE to vote for us). Hurry though, you only have until September 2nd to vote!

The Prix Aurora Award
This one is a bit trickier as it has a couple requirements to vote. Firstly, since this is Canada’s national science fiction and fantasy award you kinda have to be Canadian. Sorry, non-Canadian Goblinites. Now you know how I feel when you Americans keep telling me that I can’t vote during your presidential elections! Elitists!

Secondly, you have to be a member of the CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association); membership is $10/year. You can get your membership here. Membership comes with a ‘voter’s package’, which includes downloadable copies of amazing work from dozens of authors, totalling a LOT more than $10. The money goes toward supporting sci-fi and fantasy authors and artists throughout Canada. For this award, you’ve got until September 13th to vote.

To those of you who’ve voted for me… thank you. I know it’s a little egotistical, but it’s a really great boost that makes those all-nighters feel that much more worth it. Ultimately, one creates for the sake of creating, but everyone likes a pat on the back from time to time. So thank you so much!

And of course, thanks for reading.


Because I’ll be at Gencon, the next two updates will be Altsplanations. Any time the progression of the comic is slowed, it bothers me. However, I haven’t been to a convention in two years (not including VCON, which is figuratively in my back yard) and it’s time I go.

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I won’t have a booth but I will be playing Goblins: Alternate Realities quite a bit. Recently, I discovered that there are limited seats to four official G:AR games. I thought it was just going to be Danielle, myself and Evertide Games sitting around playing the game in some dank corner somewhere, but apparently it’s all scheduled and stuff. Anyways, click here to grab a seat at one of the games. You’ll have to sign up/login to a Gencon account, first. If the games fill up, we’ll most likely be playing the game in some open gaming area, so come and find us anyways.

EDIT: Those who come and play with us get a free promo card from Evertide Games.

As always, thanks for reading.


The New Site Layout, Gencon

“The layout looks off centred to me.”

Do you have an ad blocker on for my site? If so, that’s almost definitely the problem. If you turn off the ad blocker, that should fix the issue. Also, 100% of my income is currently coming from ad revenue so…

Yoda-hulk“Guilt leads to ad blocker turned off. Ad blocker turned off leads to paycheques. Paycheques leads to eating.”

Don’t feel bad though. A lot of folks have it turned off for the old .com site, but didn’t think to turn it off for the .org site.

“Do you get money if I click on the ads?”

Only click on an ad if it genuinely interests you. Please don’t spam click anything as that doesn’t help anyone. I get teeny-weeny micro payments when you just see an ad and that adds up. So just by reading my comic, you’re helping me out.

“Why are you STILL stuck on the .org site? It doesn’t take almost three months to transfer control of a domain to someone.”

I get a lot of emails about this. All I can say, is we’ve been having technical difficulties.

“But what kind of technical difficulties could…”

topmen“Technical. Difficulties.”

“Um… okay. Are you going to be at Gencon this year?”

Yes, Danielle and I will be at Gencon, though we won’t have a booth this year. Instead, we’ll mostly be in the gaming area playing Goblins: Alternate Realities with anyone who wants to join us. We’ll be playing other stuff too and making asses of ourselves (as is the custom at such events), but mostly we’ll be playing G:AR. Look for two 8 foot tall, Goblins banners in the gaming area and a bald guy repeatedly saying “why can’t I ever win this, it’s MY game!”.

We’ll also be at…

VCON on October 4-6, 2013

New York Comic Con on October 10-13, 2013

Chi-Fi on March 27-30, 2014 as artist guest of honour

As always, thanks for reading.