Kind Of A Weird Request

Hey readers, I have a weird thing to ask.

In the last five months, I’ve become good friends with a fantastic woman who lives in Texas with her husband and her one year old son. When the three of them recently moving to Texas, she left all her friends behind and has since made no new friends, other than those she’s gotten to know online. In October, there will be a trip that a group of her friends will be going on and I know that she’d love to go, but she can’t afford to make the trip.

I want to stress that this is not an emergency situation. No one is going to be evicted from their home or face medical bills or anything like that. This is simply a trip that I know she’d love to be able to go on to see her friends. I’ve chipped in a bit of cash, as have a few of her friends, but she’s still short.

She needs about $500 to $600 more. Again, this is not an emergency. She’s just an incredibly sweet, quiet and gentle person who would never ask for help with this, herself. I really want her to be able to go on this trip to see her friends. It means a lot to her.

If this is not something you’re interested in helping with, I completely understand. This isn’t exactly a life or death situation for anyone. But if you’d like to chip in a few bucks…

Here’s the link to the Paypal page. The email connected to her Paypal account is – nahcohsi@gmail.com

I’ll post the progress here and remove the link if she gets enough for her to go on the trip.

PROGRESS – (unknown so far)

I know this is a weird thing to ask and if I hadn’t gone through my own situation which has left me kinda broke, I’d just be forking over the full amount, myself. Thanks so much, everyone.

And now I return to drawing future Goblins pages. Next update… Under The Helmet.

Thanks for being there.